Sherlock Holmes (mustbetruth) wrote,
Sherlock Holmes

'Verse: The Return

This here is a master post for all things relating to this 'verse that Jessie, who plays armydoctor, and I have started up. It imagines the life of the Holmes and Watson we play at the Last Resort rp if they were to suddenly find themselves back where they left off in canon. That is... with Watson back in London believing Holmes to be dead, and Holmes back in Tibet being, for all intents and purposes, dead. This complicates matters considerably when you consider, in the Resort, they've begun to consider themselves married.

The idea began in this thread somewhere where Holmes and Watson themselves consider this future and discuss a few solutions before putting it out of their minds.

It continues here:
1. Continuing Good Health, with Watson and Mycroft.
2. A Question of Identity, with Holmes and Sigerson.
3. Waiting, with Watson and Mycroft.
4. The Return, with Holmes and a few other identities.
5. The Real Return, which turns into Adventure of the Empty House, and then into lunch with Mycroft (played by Jessie).
Tags: fic, last resort, the return, watson
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